On March 29th, I finally gave Meadow a haircut.

Long overdue. She was looking like her true wooly malamute self.

The haircut was preceded by much much raking, trying to pull as much of the undercoat out as I could. She hates that. So do I. But the clippers don't cut as nicely if there's still too much undercoat. This is a year-round ordeal for us both.

When a nice spring day finally arrived, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do the cutting outside, where all the flying fur could blow away in the breeze.

One of three grocery bags full of Meadow fluff resulting from the cut. Maybe one of these years I'll keep all the undercoat and send it off to be cleaned and spun into yarn. Many people over the years have made such suggestions.

Meadow, trimmed. Not her best cut, but better than before.

The reward for her patience and tolerance: a rawhide treat.

A bit later - after some rain - Meadow showing off her new 'do.

Rebecca WallickComment