Snow in March in Seattle

Well, why not?! It's March 8th; If it snows, we're there - enjoying the trails covered in the white stuff, bringing quiet and peace to the woods.
Finn, waiting impatiently, at the Cougar Mountain trail head. Why must Mom take so many damn photos?

Since Finn doesn't have the trail finding abilities of the girls, I'm happy that the snow is thin enough that there's no issue with following the trail.

Those eyes. Get me every time.

At least with snow on the ground I can sort of see Finn when he dashes up the trail. More often, he disappears into the landscape.

Impatiently waiting while I take yet another photo.

Toe balls. Snow balls. Whatever you call them, they're annoying and painful. Finn, at least, knows how to attack them. The girls were less adept at removing them, waiting for me to pick them from between their toes.

The old tree bridge across Tibbett's Creek.

Mom, let's just GO!
Rebecca WallickComment