Yoga distractions

From the first day I brought Finn home, he has wanted to be as close to me as possible. At all times. I've done my best to set some boundaries, including prohibitions regarding the couch (applies to the girls as well) and the bed (the girls are allowed on the bed). He reluctantly obeys.

But if I'm on the floor, I'm fair game. And Finn LOVES to get into my lap if I sit on the floor.

This makes doing yoga problematic. I work to teach Finn that he has to wait until I'm done, then we can cuddle. I'm not always successful. This series of photos shows how he tries to charm his way to convincing me I should quit doing yoga and just love on the dog.

He pulls every cute trick in his book.

He pretends to give up. Pretends.

"Are you sure you're not ready to cuddle?"

"You want me to wait? Really?"

Meadow laughs from the sidelines.

Finn moves in for the kill.

Persistence wins the day. I can't resist. Resistance is futile.

Rebecca WallickComment