Hotel Dude

As mentioned in the entry below, Finn was my roommate at a conference last week. A co-worker insisted on buying him the chew toy. In the photo above, he's snoozing after an evening of playing in the surf and retrieving a piece of driftwood in the grass field.

Happy boy.

And here, not so happy. These are the booties I tried to have him wear on the beach to avoid cutting his pads on the barnacles. He actually was very accommodating when I put them on, and did the bootie dance after they were on (most dogs do a sort of high stepping gait when first forced to wear booties, not liking the feel of them on their feet; Finn was no exception).

The booties were a waste of money. They didn't stay on, especially after getting wet.

But we tried!

Someday, some very smart and creative person will design a dog bootie that actually stays on.