Sun bathing and sun avoiding dogs

I wonder if dogs need to acquire a certain amount of Vitamin D through skin absorption of sunshine, just like we do?

Do they absorb it through their noses? The inside of their ears? How else could it get in?! Everything else is covered with fur.

I can't think of any other explanation for Meadow's sunbathing habit. You'd think a dog with such a thick coat would avoid heat at all costs. But Meadow's always been a sunbather. Often she'll come in after a sunbathing session and her fur is really HOT. Perhaps such a thick coat keeps that heat from penetrating to her skin or her blood.

Meadow's also a toy hoarder. Can't let Finn steal one while she's snoozing. Must keep it close.

She's annoyed that I'm taking photos - that's what the look on her face means.

Maia used to do more sunbathing. But on this day, she preferred the cool floors inside the house. Her coat is thinning as she ages - she's ten - so perhaps the sun's heat is too intense for her now.

Blocking a doorway as she naps adds just a hint of daring and danger to the activity. As if she's daring Meadow or Finn to pass without paying the toll.