Poppies, rhodies and dogs

The dogs and I enjoy access to a huge back yard that includes many flowering plants. On June 1st we were relishing a warm spring day (and I was cleaning up dog bombs, thus the plastic bags on the decking) when I noticed some huge red poppies in bloom in one area, and some gorgeous red rhodies blooming near the gazebo

One of Finn's favorite outside toys is a deflated basketball. He keeps hoping Meadow will engage in a game of chase and keep-away, but....no. Not today.

Meadow seems more inclined to relax. And pose. She's so mellow.

Maia's keen on relaxing as well.

Not Finn, however. "Come ON you guys! Let's PLAY!"

It's not working.

A close-up of Meadow's stunning eyes. And some of her own tail's fuzz in her mouth. When she tries to entice Maia to romp, Meadow will spin and bite her own tail, invariably ending up with some stuck to her tongue.

Maia's happy munching on a stick.

While Finn keeps trying. Aussies don't give up easily.

Maia and Meadow kiss. Best friends, always.