Double Uns

The girls and I got caught in a downpour during our early evening walk today. While the cooler temps were welcome, the rain was not. Luckily, we were three miles into our 3.25 miles walk when the skies let loose. Still, we were all soaked by the time we got home! (And amazingly, just a block from the house as we hid under an overhanging tree waiting for traffic to pass, a car slowed with window rolled down and the woman driver said, "Your dogs are gorgeous!" Even with rain-soaked coats the girls are magnets for adoration. Note that the driver didn't compliment how I looked!)

Maia looks like an over-zealous hair dresser experimented with styling gel.

Finn and I ran at Cougar Mountain this morning. It drizzled at the start, then rained harder toward the end of the hour we were out there. But with the thick tree canopy, we didn't notice it much. In fact, it was a nice change from the unusual dry and sunshine Seattle's been experiencing so far this summer. I reveled in it.

The drizzle and rain fit my mood. Feeling the double "uns" this morning - unlovely and unloved - I admit to soaking up the somber mood of the rainy weather. Yet, as I ran through the damp forest trails with Finn, I thought about how lucky I am to have three dogs who love me unconditionally. Who are always up for any adventure, on a moment's notice. Who grow exicted when I put on a pair of running or walking shoes. Who think taking a mid-day nap is the only proper and good thing to do on a day off. Who never make demands on me beyond being fed and loved. Who forgive me when I don't pay enough attention to them. Who never fail to make me laugh and lift my mood. Who always seem to know when the best, most perfect gift to give me is a kiss and a hug, which I always return in kind.

Thanks girls. And boy.

While I may wish and hope for a loving, nurturing, supportive partnership with a wonderful man (send some my may, dear reader, should you know any who are single), because it's been four way-too-long years, I also know that I'm a rich woman indeed to have these amazing animals sharing my life, here and now.