She's still growing

A week after our first visit, we see Tessa's grown some more. According to Robin, she gains about a pound a day, and eats four cups of kibble!

Here she's resting after yet another session of puppy obedience classes and the play time that follows. Her friend in the photo above is a slightly older Golden boy who clearly has the hots for Ms. Tessa. How great for Tessa that her mom teaches obedience and agility classes right there at their home so Tessa gets to meet and play with all sorts of great dogs?

Maia LOVES tennis balls. She loves to chew them with her incredibly strong jaws; to pull the fuzz off with her small front teeth. Maia had expertly "killed" this toy in an effort to extricate the squeaker. I've learned that all squeaking toys must be closely supervised when Maia's around. Luckily, in this case, the squeaker was glued to the inside of the toy so Maia wasn't able to swallow it.

As dusk descends, Rich gets all four dogs' attention by showing them the toy.

Maggie was taking a break, staying inside this particular evening.

These play dates with Robin and Rich and their dogs have been a blessing for Maia. She's quite tired, as am I, of being charged by poorly socialized dogs on our strolls through our Bellevue neighborhood. Here, all the dogs are friendly and playful, and the humans are adoring. She can relax and play and have fun.