Wolf hounds everywhere!

July 1st. Another visit to see how big Tessa has become. To our surprise and delight, Robin is boarding a 14 month old, intact male Irish wolf hound named Kalin. He's about 160 pounds, and still growing. A show dog. Handsome dude, for sure.

Finally, Tessa looks like the puppy she is, next to Kalin!

The girls were very interested in meeting Kalin. Shamelessly, Meadow checks out his equipment.

Meadow dances and prances, showing off for Kalin. He, however, kept growling at the girls. We finally decided it was best to have him chill in the house. Robin said he's never been around dogs other than Irish wolf hounds. Perhaps, in the base of his brain, he was hearing those instincts that tell him to "kill the wolf" and the girls, looking so much like wolves, made him nervous.

Meadow was sorry to see him go.

The level of excitement went way down after Kalin left.


Can a puppy be any cuter?

Tessa's growing into her legs, her ears, her feet.... She's simply growing, in all directions.

Won't be much more of this - picking Tessa up and holding her! She's over 40 pounds now, and all legs!


Maia showing a litle jealousy that Rich is showering so much attention on Tessa.

Finn finally got to tag along, meet Tessa. They got along famously. I was proud of Finn for not trying to herd her. Indeed, it was Tessa who would stalk and try to intercept Finn as he returned with the tennis ball. He pretty much ignored her. I keep telling him that he should wrestle with her now while they're of similar size and weight; in another month, she'll be able to sit on him, winning every argument!