Cone of Shame

"Please don't make me wear this!"

God, I hate this post-op care stage.

First the good news: Maia's surgery went very well. The hygroma is gone; the joint wasn't involved at all and the growth was cleanly removed. She got her teeth cleaned as well (might as well, as long as she's under anesthetic), and the vet said they're in great shape. Atta girl, Maia!

I picked her up at 5:30. That's when the real work began.

I don't think she's in pain. She walks willingly and steadily, although the bandage forces her to walk stiff-legged on the left leg. (The right leg is quite shaved as well, as you can see in this photo; a surprise to me. The vet tech said that since Maia had already started licking a bare spot on that leg, she shaved around it as well, to clean it up. I don't think that was necessary. Now I'll have TWO legs to keep her from worrying as the fur grows back.)

Maia was incredibly thirsty when we got home. Well, first she peed and pooped. Then she wanted to drink. And drink. Meadow was intrigued, watching Maia fit the cone around the water dish. Maia's slurping made an odd, echoing sound inside the cone. Or maybe Meadow was just offering moral support.

The vet tech warned against letting Maia drink too much all at once. But whenever I put the bowl up, she whined and paced. I made her wait 30 minutes between drinks. Eventually her thirst slackened.

She won't eat tonight. I've offered her all sorts of tasty treats. Nothing entices her. I'm hoping that will change by tomorrow morning. I suspect the pain meds have upset her stomach. I specifically asked the vet for something for that, and was given Gastracalm; I've never tried it, but gave Maia one as directed tonight. Here's hoping it helps. A calm Maia will sleep, which means I'll sleep. A whining Maia will keep us both up all night. Good thing I took tomorrow off.

Maia's looking a little perkier here. She hates the cone. She keeps whining, bumping into things, following me, demanding that I rub her, telling me how miserable it makes her feel. It's hard to hug a dog wearing a cone! I only make it worse by taking photos.

Okay - defeat admitted. About two hours after getting home, I give up on the cone and try the old sweatshirt trick. I actually found the same cut-to-fit-a-dog sweatshirt I used when Maia had a hygroma removed from her right elbow last fall. Can't believe I had the good sense to wash and keep it, but obviously I suspected another hygroma would appear on her left elbow. Maia quickly calmed down and quit pacing after trading the Cone of Shame for the Shamelessly Ugly Sweatshirt. But she's still whimpering.

It's going to be a long night for all of us.