Haircut Day

Meadow's woolly coat was getting long again. Time for another haircut.

She knows what's coming. Check out the messy feet. Long overdue for a trim.

Shaggy dog. Trying to think of a way to talk me out of it.

Half done. It's a constant dance - Meadow moves, I follow with the clippers. Long ago, I gave up worrying about the final result; she doesn't care, why should I?

Done. Except for the feet. Those I trim with scissors. Finn's bored. Or maybe just glad, for once, that he isn't the object of my attention.

Completely done. Meadow leaves the area of her trimming to regain her composure.

Ah...peace. No clippers.

But doesn't she have a much neater appearance, body and toes?

After the haircut, I took the girls for their usual walk through neighborhood. A bicyclist approached from behind. As he rode past, he said to Meadow, "Don't worry; it'll grow back!"