Blueberry Feast

Finn and Suzanne and I ran the Pratt Lake trail to Rainbow Lake this morning. It was a gorgeous day, about 12 miles round trip.

When we arrived at Rainbow, we discovered that the mountain blueberries were in their PRIME! We slowly moved along the trail, picking and eating and talking and taking pictures. Heaven.

Suzanne is trying to show Finn where the berries are so he, too, can enjoy them. I've tried giving him some, but he's shown no interest. Meadow loves mountain blueberries. On this same trail in years past I've picked some for me, then her, then me; she'd grow impatient that she wasn't getting them all! I finally taught her to pick them herself!

Maia, like Finn, never cared for berries.

So pretty. So tasty.

Finn cooled off in the outflow from Rainbow Lake, lying down in the ponds formed by the rocks. He had a blast on the trail today.

Wet red dog.