Chasing ducks

Finn isn't much of a swimmer, but he's learned to love wild water (lakes, streams), and his swimming skills are steadily improving with practice.

This morning Finn and I were running trails at Tiger Mountain. When we got to Round Lake (photo above) he spied two mallards near the shore and dashed in after them. The ducks took evasive measures and swam fast for the middle of the lake, with Finn flailing through the water behind them. I've seen ducks tease dogs into swimming after them, paddling a few safe feet ahead of the dog's nose, knowing dogs are slow and tire quickly. I was a bit concerned as I watched Finn trying to catch these ducks, who seemed unworried, staying 10-15 feet ahead of Finn. Were they teasing him? Finn would tire quickly, given his poor technique. But apparently Finn's splashing - his front paws seem to tread more air than water - was just too much for the ducks. They took to the air to escape. Finn was, I think, relieved when I called him back to shore; he saved face in front of those silly ducks. Boy, he showed them!

We've had so much rain, even snow, lately, with snow melt in the higher mountains, that all the creeks and lakes are high on Cougar and Tiger Mountains. This one, Wilderness Creek on Cougar, where Finn and I ran last weekend with friend Tracy, usually runs dry by summer.

Coal Creek Falls on Cougar, April 3rd. Much higher water level than December 18, 2010 (see earlier blog entry, photo of me and Finn standing in this spot with much less water flowing).
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