A Pacific Crest Trail Morning Jaunt

I went to the mountains today to feed my soul. I gorged. So did Finn. Following, several of the photos taken along the Pacific Crest Trail North from Snoqualmie Pass to the Kendall Catwalk.

Starting early, morning sun on Red Mountain.

Lots of big trees down from summer windstorms.
The Mountain
Crossing one of several scree fields, taunted by marmot whistles.
Finn wants to make sure I take in the view.

So I do.
Up high we found lupine blooming - in late September!
Finn poses at the false Catwalk.
Almost there...steep drops all around...
The Catwalk! Six miles up from the trail head, but very much worth it.
This outing could have been better only if the girls were with us. So many times in years past they ushered me along this trail. Good memories.

Today I found ripe mountain blueberries to eat. Finn has no interest in them. Meadow loves them, so much so that I had to teach her to pick her own because she kept demanding I feed her all that I'd picked for myself. Maia, like Finn, doesn't see the appeal.

I can't imagine playing on mountain trails dog-less. I can't imagine life dog-less.

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