Let me at 'em!

The day after we arrived in Idaho, I took Finn for a run in Ponderosa State Park, on the edge of the town of McCall. It's one of the few places in the state where hunting isn't allowed, and hunting season is now fully underway. One can hear rifle shots frequently, off in the distance of the Payette Forest. Finn flinches a bit every time he hears a shot. So do I.

Ponderosa Park is a haven to we runners during hunting season. It has wonderful single track trails meandering through big ponderosa pines and tamaracks, and great views of Payette Lake. It also has lots of deer. 

Oh dear.

Finn and I managed to get through the run without any serious deer chasing incidents. Finn mostly kept me safe from chipmunks. And while I'm on that topic: the chipmunks here in Idaho are much louder than those in western Washington. Just sayin'.

It started to sprinkle as we finished the run.

Driving from the trail head, through the park, we came upon four deer grazing right beside the road. One was standing on the edge of the road, watching us. See their white butts in the photo below? These are white tailed deer. I always think of diapers on deer when I see them.

Perhaps because high tourist season is over, these deer weren't too interested in getting out of the way, or running away as they usually do. Other than me and Finn, the park was virtually deserted.

I slowed and drove closer. Finn was suddenly paying rapt attention at what was ahead.

As we slowly passed the group of four deer, they finally jogged into the trees at a leisurely pace. Finn let out one loud, sharp bark as he watched them disappear.

I'm not sure what he said. He rarely barks. He probably was trying to convince me to just let him at 'em, he would show me what a real herding dog is made of.

Not a chance, Mister.
Rebecca WallickComment