A Writer's View

Downloading photos, editing them, uploading some to Blogger and writing a blog post takes a significant chunk of time.

While I was in the middle of creating the previous post, I found myself looking out my home office window at the warm glow cast by the descending sun onto the grass in my field and the nearby trees of the forest. 

I'm lucky to have such a view to distract me. And inspire me. This is a wonderful place to write.

Often, this view includes a few white tailed deer meandering from one section of the forest to another, munching field grass along their way, watched closely but quietly by the girls. Not now, though; it's hunting season, so the deer keep well hidden during daylight hours.

Today was full of Idaho mountain weather: thunder and lightning overnight making dogs restless, with a deluge of rain pounding the roof; a brief reprieve mid-morning with fog banks knitting through the layers of tree covered hills and ridges across the valley, during which I took Meadow and Finn for a quick walk one mile down our road to collect the Sunday paper; another few hours of periodic deluges, during which the dogs and I napped - it is Sunday, after all; a later reprieve just after the dogs' dinner at 4:00 pm, when Finn and I snuck in another walk; and finally, around 6:00 pm, a clearing of clouds during which the sun bathed the bucolic landscape with warm light, making me pause from my computer to soak it in and take the photo above.
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