Leaves on trees, leaves on ground

On November 10th I took these photos of autumn colors from my deck. It was a sunny morning.

Leaves on deck, guarded by the solar dogs.

Meadow enjoying a nap on the deck.

That afternoon and evening, the wind howled, rain poured, thunder clapped. By the next morning, the tree with the gorgeous red leaves was denuded.

This morning I met my friend Mike and his Samoyed Alice for a run at Tiger Mountain. The fall colors there were gorgeous. At times, the maple leaves already fallen to the ground completely obscured the dirt, rocks and roots on the trail. I felt like a kid, scuffling through them. Other times, they provided contrast as we looked through the forest's dense evergreens.

Heading up High School Hill at Tiger Mountain.

Alice has a funny quirk. Like most dogs, she likes wading into wild water (streams) to drink. But once her thirst is slackened, Alice will pee in the stream:

Alice - caught in the act!

When I point out with laughter what Alice is doing, yet again, Mike just grins and shrugs his shoulders as if to say, "What can I do?" I'll tease some more by saying, "Finn - don't drink downstream!"

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