Last Brundage hike for the season

On October 31st I took Meadow and Finn for a hike on Brundage. Given that snowflakes are now a regular feature of the atmosphere, it's time to return to Washington. This hike was likely the last of the season.

The morning started with fog in Meadows Valley, making an island where none exists.

Wisps of fog low on the mountain as we started out.

The always impatient Finn coming back to herd us along the trail.

Okay, okay; off we go. I'm treated to my usual view: fluffy malamute butt.

Out of the big trees, into the open and sunlight. Few autumn leaves remain.

A chairlift, seeming to go up, up... forever.

It has been an awesome autumn in the mountains of central Idaho. The dogs and I look forward to winter, and snow. We'll be back in a few months, when all is covered in white, sunshine glittering off snow crystals. The girls will enjoy curling up in the snow, noses tucked into tails, letting flakes accumulate on their fur. 

Finn will stay inside with me, watching from our warm vantage point.
Rebecca WallickComment