A Morning at Marymoor

I needed a day off from running. Finn doesn't understand why. So off to Marymoor Off Leash Park in Redmond we go, where with the help of the Chuckit, I can give Finn an intense workout that leaves him breathless. It was overcast and threatening rain, but that didn't deter us.

"Throw the ball, already!"

Finn demonstrating his ability to blend into his environment.

All the dogs enjoyed the chance to run and play with abandon.

Finn shakes after a dip, doing a good imitation of a small brown bear. Where did his ears go?

Enjoying a quick dip in the Sammamish Slough.

Off leash parks are the best. They allow dogs to keep their socializing skills sharp while providing safe open space for ball chasing or joyful running, and - in the case of Marymoor - clean, fresh water for swimming as well. Support your local off leash park!

Rebecca WallickComment