Birthday Celebration

Finn and I share a mid-December birth date. Finn came to me through a rescue, actual birth date unknown. Based on what my vet guesstimated his age to be when I got him, I decided to make his birthday the same as mine. Easier to remember.

Since we both love running trails, and doing that together...that's how we celebrated our birthday this year. Running trails at Cougar Mountain. Big surprise, eh?

It was a drizzly, muddy, fun run.

Finn on a log.

Finn getting a mud bath, one step at a time.

Since it was just me and Finn, I decided I should try to take a self-portrait to commemorate the occasion. All I had was my iPhone 3, the version that has the camera lens on the back side, and the screen and touch button for snapping photos on the other. Not easy, taking a self-portrait, when you have no clue whether you're even in the frame, or whether your finger is hovering over the button icon.

First attempt, Finn decided he'd give me a birthday kiss so he wouldn't have to look at the camera:

Or maybe he was just telling me this was a really stupid use of our time, that we should be running.

I tried again - pulling on Finn's collar to bring him into what I hoped was the frame - with slightly better results:

Oh well. At least we're both sort of smiling.

My arms are too short for this maneuver.I'm told it's better with the newer version of the iPhone, which has camera lenses on both sides.

Finn got his wish. We continued running.

Where, or where does the trail go...?

Despite the fog and drizzle, it was a lovely day for a run. It seemed as though we had the mountain to ourselves.

Finn luring me onto the trail so I'll quit taking photos.

Toweling off.

Toweling Finn off after one of these runs often feels futile. The towel soaks up some of the moisture, but barely removes the mud. He'll track a significant amount of dirt into the house, dirt that will slowly drop from his fur into the carpet as it slowly dries over the next several hours. That's life in our household - dogs gets dirty and bring it inside with them. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Later that day, the weather cleared so the girls and I enjoyed a walk.

The girls also wanted to help me celebrate my birthday (they didn't care so much about Finn's birthday; he's just their bratty kid brother). They ushered me to the park to enjoy a bit of a sunset. At least it wasn't drizzling, or foggy. They helped me meet lots of nice people, including a sweet child in a stroller.

All three dogs got PupCakes with their dinner in honor of Finn's birthday. I ordered up some chicken vindaloo and garlic naan to celebrate mine.

It was a great day. A perfect birthday, thanks to my dogs and their unconditional love.
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