Magnetism of the Winter Sun

I'm drawn like a magnet to the winter sun. Probably has something to do with living most of my life in Seattle, the land of gray.

I don't like hot weather - neither do my dogs - so the summer sun can feel a bit like the enemy. We do our outdoors playing very early in the morning during the summer months, before temperatures rise, or walk late in the evening. But the winter sun draws us all outside like moths to the flame, any time of day. That elusive sun teases me, demanding that I take photos. Camera, iPhone ...whichever I have with me. Photos, good and bad. I just have to take them.

Meadow in setting sun light.

Here's what I love about dogs: they're eager to go with you on that walk or run. Always. Any time, any weather. No complaints, no excuses, no putting off to a more convenient time. The girls - aging as they are - can be deep in their midday naps, yet jump up with enthusiasm when they hear me say, "Girls - wanna go for a walk?" Tails wagging, they can hardly get out the door fast enough. Finn? He bounces like a dog on a pogo stick when he seems me reaching for running clothes and shoes. 

Dogs are nature's best motivators for staying in shape. Their joy and exuberance is contagious.

[All photos were taking in late November or early December while strolling through Juanita Beach Park with the dogs.]
Rebecca WallickComment