Abundance of Snow I (January 17th)

[Forgive me for yet another post about snow. But you see, in Seattle, we don't get snow very often. This past week, the city and surrounding suburbs have come to a virtual standstill because of snow, then ice, now slush. I hunkered down and only left the house on foot. With little else to do, I took a lot of photos. I'm lucky - I didn't have to be anywhere, I never lost power. And I've got dogs who LOVE snow.]

Tuesday the 17th: fresh snow on the ground, more gently falling form the sky.

Maia enjoys her bed of snow.

Finn checks in with Maia; he can't understand why she likes snoozing out here.

Meadow agrees with Maia: no better bed than one made of fresh snow.
Later in the morning, Finn - out of sheer boredom - tries taking a toy outside, seeing if he can interest Meadow in a game of keep-away.

Meadow - ever patient - awaits the perfect moment for toy stealing.

"Did you say something?"

"Here I am; what do you want?"

I admit it. I call Finn to the door to distract him, so Meadow can have the toy. She's much too polite to take it by force.

Meadow's toy now.

Knowing how smart - and fast - Finn is, I suggest he "find your toy" so he does:

Each with their toy.

Finn needs more exercise than a simple walk through the neighborhood, which he and I had already done that morning. A quick game of Chuckit is order.

Watch out for the snow person with the long nose!

Finn is a little unsure about a tennis ball covered in cold packed snow; he holds it delicately between his jaws. Occasionally he loses it under the snow. Finn is keen of eye, but not of nose. I have to find it for him.

"C'mon! Throw it again!"

Late afternoon on the 17th, the weather clears a bit so the girls and I take a tour of the neighborhood. The light on the snow was gorgeous.

Meadow and Maia pose on the snow-covered sand of Juanita Beach.

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