Winter's Soft Light

After playing in the snow much of the morning, I strap on the YakTrax and start walking dogs. First Finn, who at age four can pull as hard as two malamutes, so I always take him by himself. Then I take the girls for a walk to the neighborhood park, just as the sun is setting - hidden - behind the next storm coming through.

Snow dogs enjoying the snow.

Winter light reflecting off water and snow.

Continuing our stroll through the park, we come upon a couple of snow Munchkins waving from the concrete wall. Only one has a face. Maia goes right up to them to sniff, as if they might truly be alive. 

Who are these guys? Apparently the one of the right wishes to remain anonymous.

Happy, smiling snow Munchkin.

A hint of pink from the setting sun.

Rebecca WallickComment