Morning Snow Play

As the snow falls in big, fat, wet flakes most of the morning, I elect to stay inside. The dogs, though, can't resist their inner puppies and play - as much as they can in our very small fenced yard.

Meadow collects flakes as they fall.

The solar dogs keep Meadow company, looking a little hang dog.

Finn comes out, looking to stir up some trouble.

Finally, Maia comes out to supervise.

But, nothing's happening. Meadow hasn't moved. First Finn, then Maia go back inside. I follow them - I'm getting soaked by the huge flakes, and it's cold. Apparently, after a few minutes, Meadow feels left out (literally) and comes looking for us.

Meadow decides to join us inside - bringing the snow in with her.

Meadow shakes off the snow - inside the house; Finn starts licking it off the carpet.

Meadow has an ulterior motive. She really just wants to stir up some trouble of her own. She manages to entice Finn to follow her outside. Come on! We can't waste fresh falling snow. Finn obliges. Out through the dog door they go. This time, though, Finn takes a toy, for a game of keep away.

Meadow and Finn start romping on the deck.

Finn gets a toy - better for taunting Meadow, making her chase him.

They start dashing about the yard, the possessor of the toy the winner of their game.


After lots of teasing by Finn, Meadow gets the toy and shakes it to death.

Maia hears all the commotion outside - including my laughter in encouragement, and comes back outside. She has always been the referee dog, the supervisor of all play.

Sensing too much fun is being had without her, Maia checks in with Meadow.

Uh oh - Finn dashed in and stole the toy when Meadow wasn't looking.

It's still snowing and I'm getting much too cold to continue cheering on this play session. I go inside. Maia follows me; he weakening rear end doesn't let her participate as she used to. Poor old girl - she also doesn't seem to enjoy the cold as much. 

Soon, Finn joins us inside. And finally - reluctantly - Meadow. She's the party girl who can't believe everyone else goes home so early.

Meadow brings more snow inside. Helps keep the humidity up.

Rebecca WallickComment