Can't get enough winter sunshine

I firmly believe in getting my vitamin D the natural way, especially in winter. On this day, that means a late afternoon walk through the neighborhood with Finn and Meadow. Maia stays home; the crusty snow and slick roads too much for her bad knee. She gets a more mellow walk closer to home later on.

Meadow sunbathing, Finn mid-slurp, Pollock Mtn peeking through the trees.

Meadow, also mid-slurp. Maybe the sun tickles their noses?

We wander through the neighborhood, heading up to visit the horses. We provide some much-needed entertainment for them. Their owner is away, as he so often is. Someone comes to feed them once a day. A neighbor across the street gives them carrots when she's out walking her own dog. Otherwise, they're on their own. A lonely life. I'm glad we're able to provide them even a moment of entertainment as we walk by. They usually display their thanks with a kick of the heels as they run several yards across the pasture to come get a closer look at us and blow a hearty hello through their noses.

Pasture with a view.

When it's just me and Meadow, I'll stop to stroke their noses at the fence. But Finn gets too excited around them, so I don't encourage any closeness. I'd hate for him to get kicked. I talk to the horses from a safe-for-Finn distance.

After waiting patiently for me while I take photos, Meadow, Finn and I say goodbye to the horses in the pasture-with-a-view and head home. Clouds are filling the afternoon sky. Good thing we got our vitamin D today. The weather's changing. Maybe some new snow? That would be nice. We need some here.

The horses watch us as we pass them, heading home.

After returning to the house and letting all the dogs out into the yard, I follow to take this photo of Pollock:

You can't see them behind the trees, but the horses are in that pasture on the hillside. I hope they enjoy their wide-open view, even though it hardly compensates for their sad lack of social interaction.

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