Is that the sun?

Those of us who live in the Seattle area can get a little ironic about the sun. We're known as the region of rain and grey skies, year round. I think that reputation is a little overblown. But I was born and raised here, so maybe I'm just used to it.

Still, after several days of snow, then ice, then rain, even I was pleasantly surprised and grateful on a recent trail run to...see my shadow!

I was intrigued by my shadow; Finn wasn't.

I had to turn back to verify that it was indeed the sun that was casting my shadow.

There is was, peeking over the shoulder of Tiger Mountain itself.

It's hard to beat having a calm, cool, sunny winter day when trail running. When Finn and I arrived at Round Lake, it was full from all the recent moisture...and reflective.

Finn wonders where the ducks are.

I admit, while at Round Lake, watching Finn scan the lake surface for movement, I was reminded of the incident here last spring when Finn started swimming after a mama duck and her ducklings. So, from this point on I will be vigilant when running through here with Finn. I don't want to have a repeat episode. Not only do I not want Finn to distress the ducks, but I don't want to go wading waist deep into very cold water to stop him.

Rebecca WallickComment