Lunch break

April 13th. Friday the Thirteenth, as it happens. I'm attending a day long animal law seminar at the University of Washington. I bring Finn along for two reasons. First, he's not used to staying home for an entire day without me. Second, I know that the subject matter of the seminar will be somewhat depressing, and having Finn for company during the lunch break will lift my spirits. He's used to spending time in my car, in parking garages, and much prefers that to time in his crate at home (the crate being necessary because unlike the girls, he wigs out, looking for me, destroying pillows and things, when I leave him behind).

Rather than spend the break walking the sidewalks of the U District, I decide to drive over to Green Lake, a short distance away. Finn and I spend an hour enjoying a stroll through one of Seattle's most beautiful parks. Lots of other people - and dogs - have the same idea.

Finn happily poses if it means he gets to sit on a people seat.
It is a gorgeous spring day. One of those days when we Seattleites are reminded why we love this city so much. Nothing unlucky about this day. 

Finn and I stroll on paths the girls and I covered untold times when they were young - walking, running, or sometimes simply sitting and people/dog watching.

Flowering cherry trees in bloom.

Trees are blooming. Lawns are trimmed but not obsessively so. Finn patiently waits every time I stop in my tracks to admire the gorgeousness. 


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