Wildflowers always bring me joy. Especially mountain wildflowers.

When I'm not in the mountains, I find what I can where I can. Like these irises that were included in the native species planted to restore Juanita Beach park to something more closely resembling its natural state before the park was created decades ago.

Wildflower viewing with dogs is best done when they can be off leash. That way, they can view (and smell) whatever else is happening that interests them, while you focus in on the flowers.

Sadly for the girls, this viewing is in an urban park and leash laws apply.

Bored dogs among the wildflowers.

Have I mentioned that purple is my favorite color? That's why lupine top my list of beloved mountain wildflowers, followed closely by phlox.


After posting the iris photos, the girls and I go on another meandering walk through the nearby parks. It's summer-like, still warm in the early evening with birds chirping loudly. As we make our way at our Old Lady Stroll pace, I notice...some big lupine flowers in a small stream bank area planted by the parks department.


The girls assume their bored body language.

Meadow and Maia patiently wait for the camera to disappear.

Non-wild lupine.

Arriving home - mind still awash with the theme of purple flowers, wild or otherwise - I spy the phlox I planted in my own garden to remind me of the mountains.

Garden phlox.

And finally, the purple azalea in my neighbor's yard.