A grassy yard to roll in

The dogs and I are back in Idaho, where the sun shines way more than it does in Seattle. The landscape is freshly green, spring warmth having been slow to come to the valley. That works for me - I don't do well in the heat.

We arrived in time for a welcoming sunset view.


It was - as always - a long drive. Made easier, however, by the Ruff Wear body harness for Maia that has a sturdy handle on top, along her back, so that I can easily help her in and out of the car. Thank you, Bob and Rebecca for "paying it forward" by allowing Maia to use the vest I first saw you use with Shilo. 

Somehow - despite the long drive - I instantly relax when I arrive at the Idaho house and take in the fresh air, the quiet, and the view. City noise can wear a person out.

The dogs appreciate the yard, having much more space to hang out than our home in Seattle. There's so much for them to see and keep track of in the neighborhood here.

Finn, Meadow & Maia relax in recently mowed grass in the yard.
In fact, Meadow was so appreciative, she did her old gal version of a legs up happy dance:

Setting sun illuminates Meadow's fur as she happily rolls in the grass.

Later, all tuckered out from the drive and the joy of being back in Idaho, Meadow hoarded all the available dog toys before settling in for a snooze.

Meadow using her bunny toy as a pillow.

So another vacation begins.

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