Bones and sunsets

My dogs LOVE gnawing on femur bones. And there's no better (and quieter) place to do so than on the lawn.

In the shade. Because even though it's evening, in Idaho it's still warm as the sun lowers toward the far hills.

As the dogs enjoy their treat, I settle into my chair on the deck to watch the ever-lowering sun. How nice that the latest issue of The Bark Magazine has arrived to keep me entertained.

 That glass needs refilling.

Bone gnawing is hard work. The sun's movement westward tosses a few rays into this section of yard, but Finn can't be bothered. Happy dogs keep gnawing.

And I happily keep watching the sun's descent ever nearer the hills on the far side of the valley.

Meanwhile, Finn - always faster than the girls at everything, including bone gnawing - joins me on the deck. The sun highlights the feathered fur on his legs and ears.

I leave my chair to play with the camera, taking new perspectives of the sunsets I get to enjoy regularly yet never tire of.

Sunset through the fence wire, highlighting field grass.

Fence railing dominating the foreground.

The sun's last kiss on the hills before saying goodnight.

Rebecca WallickComment