The foundling toy

I realize that, technically, the term "foundling" applies to human children without parents or guardians.

I think it should apply to dog toys, too.

Like the elegantly simple one Finn found on a beach in Idaho: a rope (the type used on boats) tied around a stick. 

What a great idea for a cheap and easily made dog toy! It makes the stick easy for the dog to see and retrieve in the water, and even easier for the human to pick up and toss back out.

 Finn tests the toy and approves.

Finn seems to think the knot in the rope is part of the challenge of the toy, and keeps untying it with his teeth. I keep retying it and tossing it back into the lake. If I knew my knots better, I would tie one that was near-impossible for him to pick apart. But my days of rock climbing and knot tying are far behind me.

After playing with the foundling toy for a bit I place it on a bench for the next dog and human to find and enjoy.

We finish our nearing-sunset walk through the park, Finn nicely clean and cool from his swim, the toy awaiting the next happy dog.
Rebecca WallickComment