Snow in the hills

If you have a dog in your life, most likely you've noticed his or her sheer joy at romping in the snow. 

I share that enthusiasm for playing in fresh snow. Mother Nature provided this gift to me this morning.

Finn and I are treated to snow falling while as we run along Cougar Mountain trails.  We start out in a thin drizzle, the single track paths covered in dead, rain-soaked leaves. Soon, the drizzle changes to small white flakes and our mood rises. The trails turn slowly from brown to white as we meander around curves and over hills. The evergreen tree branches high above and the ferns at knee level also gain a cloak of white. Finn becomes soaked - from the snow falling from above as well the the snow he knocks off the ferns as he chases ever-taunting squirrels. Finn leaves perfect dog paw impressions in the soft wet snow; my own tracks cover many of his. Cougar is transformed into a winter wonderland as we run - clean and fresh, and hushed.

I love the hush most of all.

Finn on Deceiver Trail, Cougar Mountain
We meet a few other dogs - an 11 year old Golden, two fast and big Weimaraners, a Border Collie - enjoying the snow and trails with their people. All of the dogs - especially the older Golden - are full of vim and vigor, their joy at playing off leash, in snow, evident.

Snow brings out the inner kid - and pup - in us all.
Rebecca WallickComment