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Experience and Attention to Detail

I love the written word and the whole process of writing. And I delight in helping others shine. That may take the form of helping you polish your writing, website or social media content, or in-house business newsletters and publications with copy editing or proof reading. Or you may need a freelance writer to create new content for you, ready to publish. Whether you’re an accomplished writer simply looking for an extra set of eyes to review your work, or someone in need or original content creation for your website, blog or other publishing projects, let me help you garner the attention you or your business deserve.

I'm a retired family law attorney who began pursuing her passion for writing fifteen years ago with nonfiction writing courses that led to publication of freelance magazine articles and a book, Growing Up Boeing in 2014. I'm a contributing editor at The Bark magazine, and have had articles published in Aloft (Museum of Flight), Flight Journal, UltraRunner, Seattle, and CityDog magazines. Most recently,  I created an online community magazine called McCall Digest, an eclectic mix of profiles, stories, culture, events, and news centered in McCall, Idaho (my home), but also a place where I hope to nurture other writers, encouraging them to follow their passion.


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Rebecca is a joy to work with — her writing is clean, her style is accessible, and she’s careful about the way she presents information. She’s also excellent on follow-up details. I highly recommend her.
— Susan Tasaki, Owner at Tasaki Editorial Services
We are very grateful to have the opportunity to work with Rebecca and showcase her journalistic talents. She not only knows how to find the “scoops” but she is also able to distill the essence of the stories to educate and entertain readers. She is a pleasure to work with, her professionalism and spot-on attention to her assignments shines in all she does.
— Claudia Kawczynska, Editor-in-Chief, Bark magazine
With Rebecca in my corner using her detail-oriented editing and research skills, everything I write looks and reads more professional. From simple grammar and spelling to total rewrites, she has a secret knack for making your words come together to paint the picture you want.
— Sue Schaffer, Website Designer and Manager
Rebecca Wallick brings to the literary arts a refinement not seen in an age of tweets and text messaging: actual skill. I have known Rebecca as a legal professional, worked with her, and found the bench and bar respected her not just for her ethical and competent work, but also the clarity of her expression. Editing my copy, Rebecca has proven instrumental in teasing the human being out of my prose, advancing the notion that I had something to say and should stand by it. Rebecca’s services will help the writer or non-writer seeking a genuine expression of thought.
— Mark Patterson II

About Me

Writing is just one of many things I'm passionate about. I also love dogs, trail running, and living in the mountains. Born and raised in Seattle, I moved to Idaho to immerse myself in nature, solitude, and writing. After a 30-year career as a family law attorney, I'm thoroughly enjoying the slower-paced lifestyle of a freelance writer, copy editor, and online magazine publisher/editor, leaving me plenty of time to enjoy the forest and wildlife that are my backyard.

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Clips and Writing Samples

Selected articles from McCall Digest:

The Old Man Walks and Remembers

The Old Man Walks and Remembers

Coulson’s 737 FireLiner

Coulson’s 737 FireLiner

Selected articles published in The Bark magazine:

Dogs in the Courtroom won a 2008 Dog Writers Association of America award.

An excerpt from my book, Growing Up Boeing: The Early Jet Age Through the Eyes of a Test Pilot's Daughter, published in Seattle magazine:

Seventeen Seconds in the Life of a Boeing Experimental Test Pilot

Seventeen Seconds in the Life of a Boeing Experimental Test Pilot

Published Books

Growing Up Boeing

As a child, I was surrounded by Boeing test pilots and their families. Flying and aviation are prominent themes in my life and in the culture and economy of my home town, Seattle. The daughter of legendary test pilot Lew Wallick, I witnessed commercial jet aviation history close-up, hearing the stories the test pilots and flight test engineers shared among themselves--of dramatic close calls and crashes, of demonstration flights to all corners of the world, of every day dangers pushing each new airplane to its limits for certification. Focusing on the 1950s through the 1980s, Growing Up Boeing takes the reader inside the cockpits of Boeing’s early jets as the crews conduct first flights and routine tests in the skies over Washington State and at Edwards Air Force Base; aboard training and demonstration flights all around the world, with leaders of aviation industry, celebrities, royalty and VIPs; and the families' homes, where test pilots’ joie de vivre and need for speed infused how they lived and raised their children. This was an exciting time for Boeing test pilots and crews; jets were a wild and fast new frontier, begging for exploration. Extraordinary men, they embraced risk and adventure, balancing the stress with camaraderie, keen senses of humor, and family.

Growing Up Boeing can be purchased (print and e-book) at Amazon.

If you would like an autographed copy of Growing Up Boeing, please contact me directly.